Anime + Game Conventions

Donna’s background in Improvised Comedy means she’s comfortable on stage singing, speaking and riffing with fans.


Donna engages with her fans in a friendly, fun way, creating wonderful memories for them. 


Donna is always kind in her judging of singing competitions, encouraging performers with her positive and genuine comments.


She’s hilarious in panel discussions, comedy debates and Q&A sessions about her life working as a singer, producer, studio owner and voice actor in Japan.


Donna captivates the audience with her iconic songs from game and anime and can perform with her Ganime Jazz band (Animangaki Malaysia 2018) or tracks (Supanova Perth, Motto Guangzhou 2019) or with local professionals (NYC Pat Bartley J-Ensemble 2019) - even the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra!

For bookings, please contact Vivian Ma

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