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Ganime Jazz


Formed in 2016 in Tokyo, quintet Ganime Jazz interpret iconic songs from the Game and Anime world in a beautiful jazz style. Ganime Jazz are fun, fresh and exciting, with performances that delight fans of game and anime music as well as jazz lovers. 


Donna’s own hits including “Glassy Sky”, “Heaven’s Divide” and “God and Man” receive fresh new arrangements with vocal, wood bass, piano, electric guitar and drums. 


The band members, who are fans of game and anime music, bring passion and originality to Donna’s famous hits as well as carefully selected game and anime classics, chosen to delight hardcore fans. Donna’s new translations into English of “The Real Folk Blues”, “Unravel” and “Radical Dreamers” bring a new shine to beloved Japanese songs.


Ganime Jazz is based in Tokyo, and perform at events in Japan and worldwide to rave reviews.

"Thank you for making my Saturday the greatest ever!"

"Absolutely adore their performance. You're truly amazing and so is the band."

"I love Ganime! Go go Ganime!"

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