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Donna Burke gained millions of fans in 2010 “Heaven’s Divide” from the hit video game "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker" was released worldwide. Since moving to Tokyo in 1996 and establishing Dagmusic studio in 2004, she has been busy writing and producing music and comedy, while acting, recording and touring.


2015 saw the epic “Sins of the Father” from "MGS Phantom Pain" and poignant “Glassy Sky” from anime "Tokyo Ghoul" released. “Glassy Sky” has over 70 million plays on YouTube with one fan's cover version being sampled by Eminem on his 2018 Kamikaze album. In late 2020 Donna released a new EDM version for fans.


Since 2004 Donna has been Raising Heart from the "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" anime series, the iDroid in "Metal Gear" and starred in cult horror video games "Silent Hill 2" as troubled Angela and "Silent Hill 3" as cult leader Claudia. Donna also voices "ARMS" big boss Doctor Coyle and is Laura in "Fitboxing" 1 and 2.

In 2020, "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered" was released with Donna narrating each chapter and singing the opening and ending songs, reprising her 2003 role.


In 2016, Donna formed quintet Ganime Jazz to perform her own hits from anime and games as well as beloved classics. Their debut album "Game + Anime" was released in 2017. In March 2020, the group released "Encore". She regularly collaborates with jazz musicians including Patrick Bartley in New York and Tokyo.


Donna has toured with “Metal Gear in Concert" performing with symphony orchestras in Osaka, Paris, New York and Los Angeles and in Tokyo every year since 2017 including a socially distanced show in October 2020 where she debuted  the “Calling to the Night” symphonic version.


Donna is active on Youtube and is sponsored by Hotteeze Heat Pads, a company she created in 2004 to export Japanese heat pads worldwide.

"Gee Donna, to think we used to tell you to shut up!"  

Donna's mother 

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