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Western Australian singer Donna Burke gained millions of fans in 2010 when “Heaven’s Divide” from the hit video game Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker was released worldwide.


In 2015 her epic “Sins of the Father” from Metal Gear Solid cemented her status as a legend. Her poignant song “Glassy Sky” has over 40 million plays on YouTube and as well as 20,000+ cover versions by fans of this Yutaka Yamada composition for Tokyo Ghoul.


Donna is also an actress, voicing Raising Heart from the cult "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" anime series since 2004, the iDroid in Metal Gear’s Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain, (voted Game of the Year by PC Gamer with over 6 million games sold) and appearing in cult horror video games Silent 2 and 3 as Angela and Claudia.

In December 2017, Nintendo’s ARMS added Doctor Coyle, a big boss voiced by Donna to the delight of fans world wide and in January 2020, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered will be released, with Donna narrating and singing the opening and ending songs that she also wrote lyrics for.

Since 2016, Donna’s jazz quintet Ganime Jazz have performed her own hits from anime and games and well loved classics to audiences in Japan and worldwide. Their debut album Game + Anime was released in 2017. 

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