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Donna Burke is an actress, singer, writer and entrepreneur known for video games Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill 2 and 3 and for being the English announcer on the Tokyo to Osaka Shinkansen bullet train.


Yep, that’s still what she’s most famous for.


Donna is beloved by anime and game geeks worldwide, performing her iconic songs with symphonic orchestras in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, New York and LA with Konami endorsed Metal Gear in Concert. 


Donna is active on YouTube and Spotify with Glassy Sky from anime Tokyo Ghoul racking over 70 million views and 20,000 covers- one of which Eminem sampled for his Kamikaze album in 2018.


Donna has narrated many documentaries for NHK Japan, including the 2017 International Emmy nominated, “The Phone of the Wind. Whispers to Lost Families”. 


Despite singing and acting in dystopian horror stealth games, Donna’s brand is cheerful, funny and warm, which makes sense as she is also the  inventor of Hotteeze, Japanese heat pads endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 


When she is not trying to eliminate the world from back pain, Donna writes YA, comedy and romcoms featuring fish out of water stories. Which is what she was when she arrived in Tokyo back in 1996.


Donna has proudly jujitsued painful high school taunts of her “loving the sound of your own voice” into a successful international career spanning game, anime, television and… rail.

Donna blue.jpg

“Spectacular vocalist.” 

“Beautiful...just beautiful!” 

“Hugely captivating!”

As a Recording Artist

2020 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Opening and Ending Theme songs
2019  “Hanging by a Thread” Unofficial MGS movie theme

2018  Ganime Jazz “Game+Anime=“ CD

2015  Konami MGS The Phantom Pain “Sins of the Father” 7.5 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2015  Konami MGS Vocal CD, “Quiet’s Theme“, “The Best Is Yet To Come“, “Love’s Theme“, “Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday“ & “Snake Eater“

2015  Tokyo Ghoul 2 “Glassy Sky” 19 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2015  Rayark Implosion Theme song “Way in the Dark” NHK Little Charo 2 Sayonara

2010  Konami Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker “When Heaven’s Divide” 4.6 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2009  BandaiNamcoGamesGodEater“GodandMan”489KVIEWS

2008  Square Enix Last Remnant “Journey’s End”

2003  Square Enix, Final Fantasy, “Crystal Chronicles“, “Moonless Starry Night“, “Morning Sky“

2001  Turn a Gundam“AfterAll”

As a Lyricist

2020 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Morning Sky", "Moonless Starry Night"

2017  Final Fantasy 15 XP “Choosing Hope” 

2015  Implosion “Way in the Dark” 

2013  Resident Evil “At the End of a Long Escape” 

2011  Square Enix DISSIDIA012 “Final Fantasy” 

2010  The Last Ranker “Born to Survive” 

2010  Bandai Games “God Eater”

2010  NHK Little Charo 2 “Sayonara” 

2009  Capcom “Bio Hazard Dark Side Chronicles” (Sleeping Beauty) 

2009  Capcom “Last Ranker” 

2009  Bandai Namco Games God Eater “God and Man”

2008  Square Enix Last Remnant “Journey’s End” 

2007  Haibanae Renmei ”Wondering” 

2006  Konami Elebits “The Smile Of You” 

2004  Konami “Star Gate Heaven” 

2003  Square Enix, Final Fantasy, “Crystal Chronicles“, “Moonless Starry Night“, “Morning Sky“ 

Donna concert 2013
Donna concert 2013
Donna close up 2013
Donna concert in Malaysia
Donna Concert in Prince Hotel
Donna thoughtful 2017
Improvazilla comedy show
Bledisloe Cup 2010 Tokyo
Lyrical Nanoha event Tokyo
Donna Poster
Donna singing 2016
Donna gold 2017
Gold 2 2017
Gold 3 2017
Donna jazz 2017
Uniclo MGS Peace Walker live
Donna Boss
Donna 2015
Donna red 2017
Donna 2015
Donna 2015
Ganime BW 2017
Donna jazz 2017
Implosion Itunes cover
Donna Metal Gear in Concert 2018

Interview with Donna Burke


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