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Donna Burke is a Western Australian singer, actress and lyricist who has lived in Tokyo since 1996. 

She first came to prominence in 2001 acting in Silent Hill 2 (Angela) and Silent Hill 3 (Claudia). That same year she performed “After All” on the √ Gundam movie soundtrack, getting to work with legendary composer Yoko Kanno for the first time. 

In 2010, the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker theme song, “Heavens Divide”, brought her millions of new fans. In 2012, Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, asked her to sing “Sins of the Father” for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which she recorded in L.A. at Capitol Studio in April 2013. 

In 2015, Konami commissioned Donna to produce five new covers for the Metal Gear Solid Vocal Album, including “Snake Eater” and “Quiet’s Theme”. That same year, her song “Glassy Sky” from the anime Tokyo Ghoul became a sudden worldwide hit with over 20,000 covers on YouTube and 50 million views. 

Since 2017 she has toured with “Metal Gear in Concert”, performing with orchestras in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Osaka and every year with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Donna works as a lyricist for video-game music composers including Nobuo Uematsu, Kumi Tanioka, Go Shiina, Yoko Shimamura, Akihira Honda and Kevin Penkin. 

Since 2009, Donna has performed with the Tokyo Comedy Store Improvazilla Show.

Donna’s voice-acting credits include ARMS (Doctor Coyle) Fitboxing / Fitboxing 2 (Laura), Metal Gear Solid (iDroid) and Magical Lyrical Nanoha (Raising Heart), but her most famous voice job is her English announcements on the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka and Kumamoto, which she has been doing since 2004. 

Donna is developing a new TV series about high school Cosplayers and producing the soundtrack for it.

Donna blue.jpg

“Spectacular vocalist.” 

“Beautiful...just beautiful!” 

“Hugely captivating!”

As a Recording Artist

2020 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Opening and Ending Theme songs
2019  “Hanging by a Thread” Unofficial MGS movie theme

2018  Ganime Jazz “Game+Anime=“ CD

2015  Konami MGS The Phantom Pain “Sins of the Father” 7.5 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2015  Konami MGS Vocal CD, “Quiet’s Theme“, “The Best Is Yet To Come“, “Love’s Theme“, “Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday“ & “Snake Eater“

2015  Tokyo Ghoul 2 “Glassy Sky” 19 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2015  Rayark Implosion Theme song “Way in the Dark” NHK Little Charo 2 Sayonara

2010  Konami Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker “When Heaven’s Divide” 4.6 MILLION VIEWS YOUTUBE

2009  BandaiNamcoGamesGodEater“GodandMan”489KVIEWS

2008  Square Enix Last Remnant “Journey’s End”

2003  Square Enix, Final Fantasy, “Crystal Chronicles“, “Moonless Starry Night“, “Morning Sky“

2001  Turn a Gundam“AfterAll”

As a Lyricist

2020 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles "Morning Sky", "Moonless Starry Night"

2017  Final Fantasy 15 XP “Choosing Hope” 

2015  Implosion “Way in the Dark” 

2013  Resident Evil “At the End of a Long Escape” 

2011  Square Enix DISSIDIA012 “Final Fantasy” 

2010  The Last Ranker “Born to Survive” 

2010  Bandai Games “God Eater”

2010  NHK Little Charo 2 “Sayonara” 

2009  Capcom “Bio Hazard Dark Side Chronicles” (Sleeping Beauty) 

2009  Capcom “Last Ranker” 

2009  Bandai Namco Games God Eater “God and Man”

2008  Square Enix Last Remnant “Journey’s End” 

2007  Haibanae Renmei ”Wondering” 

2006  Konami Elebits “The Smile Of You” 

2004  Konami “Star Gate Heaven” 

2003  Square Enix, Final Fantasy, “Crystal Chronicles“, “Moonless Starry Night“, “Morning Sky“ 

Donna concert 2013
Donna concert 2013
Donna close up 2013
Donna concert in Malaysia
Donna Concert in Prince Hotel
Donna thoughtful 2017
Improvazilla comedy show
Bledisloe Cup 2010 Tokyo
Lyrical Nanoha event Tokyo
Donna Poster
Donna singing 2016
Donna gold 2017
Gold 2 2017
Gold 3 2017
Donna jazz 2017
Uniclo MGS Peace Walker live
Donna Boss
Donna 2015
Donna red 2017
Donna 2015
Donna 2015
Ganime BW 2017
Donna jazz 2017
Implosion Itunes cover
Donna Metal Gear in Concert 2018

Interview with Donna Burke


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